Arun Baharani is the founder and principal at Arun Baharani Consulting, LLC in New York City. He has been a cultural advisor to Fortune 500 company leaders for more than fifteen years.

Before launching his career as a global multicultural consultant, Arun worked as a CNN newsroom writer and international cultural attaché providing guidance on global protocol debriefs, language translations and cross-cultural etiquette to senior newsroom executives. He represented CNN as an international protocol attaché to world leaders during the 1996 Olympic Games. Arun also worked as a Multicultural Project leader at The Walt Disney Company where he led cross-cultural business strategies for company-wide multicultural initiatives.

Currently, Arun’s main focus has been to provide "global people connection solutions" to Fortune 500 clients. His expertise includes preparing international teams with the cross-cultural competencies necessary for global business success. In September of 2016, he published his book, "The Elephant is Sprinting!: Attracting, Managing and Retaining the Next Generation of Talent in India," which focuses on the cutting edge competencies required for conducting business and managing a future generation of employees in India.

Arun is multi-lingual, speaking French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese (Cantonese), Hindi, Sindhi and English. He’s had extensive international experience as an expatriate, living and working in various countries across the globe, including the Netherlands, Italy, India, and China (Hong Kong).